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The SeedScience project is developed as an innovative intervention for improving science education in Ghana. Our goal is to put the skills of professional science educators in service of local science teachers in developing countries. The short-term goal consists of showing them a different method of teaching with the aim of engaging 10-18 years old students through hands-on science experiments. Training of local teachers will last about ten weeks for each community. After this period, they will possess a different point of view on teaching and will be able to perform and describe the experiments. Moreover, they will learn how to set up new experiments and how to obtain cheap or free materials to conduct them. Partner schools will receive long-term science kits and the local teachers will keep in touch with each other and with project members to share ideas and solve eventual issues. In addition, selected local educators can continue to training other teachers. In this way, a network of high-level science teachers will be created. The development of these local educators and the very low cost of experiments materials will make the project highly sustainable. We are currently recruiting for positions for a period between October 1st and December 15th 2018.

As a volunteer of the SeedScience project (www.seedscience.it) you’ll be flanked to a project member to offer valid support during the training of local science teachers. You’ll work both with teachers and students. Your activities will mainly depend on your background. If you’re a science a student or you work in the field, you’ll be able to directly participate to the training, both as a trainer and in the same way of local teachers. You could also develop a few teaching topics based on your expertise in a collaboration with a project member. If you don’t have a scientific background, there are still many ways to be able to help. We need all across the training people to assist us in the classroom, to find missing materials for the experiments and to help us to set up new ones.

Role of SeedScience Project Volunteer/Intern

  • Collaborate with project team to conduct demand-driven trainings for local teachers
  • Facilitate the development of fundraising strategies and participate in fundraising activities.
  • Help to develop and Conduct baseline surveys/ interviews before and after trainings to access impact of trainings
  • Prepare project, progress and administrative reports.
  • Other Administrative tasks such as writing letters, taking pictures/ videos, developing website and social media content, etc

Requirements for SeedScience Project  Volunteer/intern:

  • Knowledge and Experience in science or education-related field is advantageous but not required.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Able to travel to Ghana between October 1st and December 15th
  • Must be willing to stay on the project for not less than 3 weeks
  • The creativity and flexibility to work in an environment with limited resources

Patriots ghana science flyer

Application Procedure:

To apply for this position, kindly complete an online application via the link below:


And submit a resume to team@patriotsghana.org and copy info@seedscience.it

NB: In most cases, the team would contact you for a Skype or phone interview to learn more about you and an opportunity for you to learn more about the project before an offer of internship/ Volunteering is sent to you. If you do not receive an email from Patriots Ghana in 48 hours, kindly email the team.


Patriots Ghana will also do our best to find internship and volunteering opportunities to anyone who does not see their desired positions on our website. If you would like to pursue an internship in a specific field and do not see it above, please communicate your interests to us and we will gladly assist you to find potential placements.

We have contacts, partners and relationships with numerous members and organizations in the community that offer international internships, and would be glad to accommodate you when possible.

Patriots Ghana may also provide internship and volunteering positions based on current or upcoming projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your interests or requirements.



Patriots Ghana welcomes volunteers or interns who want to use their skills to improve the operations of the organization. Development interns work on projects such as grant writing, fundraising, micro finance, strengthening the organization’s structure, spearheading new initiatives, website management, human resources, and working to build partnerships with other organizations as well as strengthening the capacity of member/affiliate organisations. Development volunteers may also be assigned to assist in the creation of new projects in some selected communities of Ghana. Development volunteers and interns are welcome to come to Patriots any time of the year.



Patriots Ghana organizes free medical health screening at least once every year in deprived rural communities to give equal opportunities to the less privileged and remote communities who are hard to reach in-terms of healthcare services. This project is organized in partnership with local and international organizations that have interest in improving the healthcare in Africa.



If you are a student or professional in healthcare delivery or public health, Patriots has several opportunities for you to contribute your skills or to learn more about health care delivery in a developing country. We provide health volunteering and internship opportunities in partnership with the Ghana Health Service and private health institutions in Ghana.



In addition to opportunities in direct healthcare delivery, Patriots Ghana offers positions to work in public health, working towards better access and health awareness in several communities in Ghana. The public health team is involved in several projects, including giving educational talks at local schools on health topics including HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, reproductive health and performing research projects on various public health topics. Research projects vary from communities based on the needs that Patriots Ghana would like to address.

Home visits: other activities of the volunteer includes community home visits where the volunteer visits homes within a particular or selected community to mainly check the health status of infants, adolescent, the aged and pregnant women. With the help of a local interpreter, volunteers can also provide health education or advice in several health topics including family planning, personal hygiene, nutrition, exclusive breast feeding for lactating mothers and many more depending on the need of the particular household.

Health screening in schools: Duties within schools could include the physical examination and weighing of the kids, dressing of wounds, deworming, checking for malnourished children and making referrals and follow ups where necessary.


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