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Report On Community-Based Forum On Learning Disabilities


  • Start Date:2016-08-31
  • End Date:2016-08-31
  • Start Time:02:10
  • End Time:11:54
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On the 10th March, 2013 Patriots Ghana in Collaboration with CLED Ghana organised a community Forum on Campaign for Learning Disabilities to educate the community members on the causes, effects, prevention, and strategies on how learning disabilities can be managed to help minimize school dropout rate in the community as well as improve the learning ability and performance of school children in the Nyanfeku Akrowful community.
Campaigns for Learning Disabilities project works to support children and youth with learning disabilities have every opportunity to succeed in school, work and life. Patriots Ghana and CLED Ghana provides informational awareness and training to parents, teachers, stakeholders, communities and individuals with learning disabilities, promotes programs to foster effective learning and advocates for policies to safeguard and strengthen educational rights and opportunities for children/youth with learning disabilities.

Since its inception, the project has been run by passionate and devoted special educators, lecturers, parents and youth committed to creating better outcomes for children, and youth with learning disabilities. Patriots Ghana and CLED have also commitment to promoting the success and dignity of children suffering from learning disabilities, making Children with Learning Disabilities realize their full Potential.

An interview was conducted on knowledge and understanding of specific learning disabilities and behaviour problems for selected parents, teachers and other stakeholders in Nyanfeku Akrowful in the central region of Ghana. One of the outcomes showed that teachers, parents and community members have very little or no knowledge when it comes to pupils who suffer from Specific Learning Disabilities. As a result, teachers and parent are not able to identify the difficulties children encounter when they learn.

Our observational visit in Nyanfeku Akrowful Basic School also revealed that, the school system does not provide sufficient support to pupils with specific learning difficulties. Poverty, hate crime and lack of support have forced many children with learning disabilities to sacrifice education for streetism, child labour, early marriages, and other activities.

Furthermore, since 2007, the community has been recording about 50% failure in the Basic Education Certificate Examination. These factors prevent these children from accessing primary, Secondary and Vocational Education. These difficulties children encounter when learning could be minimized if early interventions are put in place. It is against this background that CLED and Patriots Ghana proposed a community forum and donation programme at Nyanfeku Akrowful in the Abura-Aseibu-Kwamankese District of the Central Region of Ghana to:

1. Increase awareness and understanding of community members on specific learning disabilities and support strategies

2. Increase sensitivity and responsiveness of community Duty-Bearers towards provision of community-based support system for children with learning disabilities

3. Reduce by 10% the rate parents’ use their children with learning disabilities for economic activities

4. Reduce the hate crime children with learning disabilities face in school and home and

5. Donate clothing articles to poverty ridden families of children with learning disabilities


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