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Partner Us

Patriots Ghana is sincerely passionate about Ghana’s development and do not exist for selfish gain and due to this commitment we do not work in isolation but rather partner and/or affiliate with several organizations to help combine resources to achieve our mission.

Our partnership is in 2 different Categories defined below:


Donors who wish to undertake projects in Ghana in any of our project areas may contact Patriots to undertake such projects on their behalf and submit full project and financial reports including evidence of project implementation, as well project videos, online and other media publishing. Donors who have already given funds to local Ghanaian organisations may also contact Patriots Ghana to monitor and access their ongoing projects in Ghana to ensure that projects are well implemented.

Patriots Ghana is very committed to its values and would ensure that every penny given to us any Donor would go directly to its purpose to ensure that our mission of development in Ghana would grow. Additionally, donors are assured that very minimal fee or no cost of their project funds would go into administration cost due to the volunteer commitment of our staff and other resources gained through membership fees.


We also encourage the collaboration of other local and international NGOs, CBOs who work in any area related to any of our projects to join us to share ideas and possibly put resources together to undertake projects which would help address a common problem in Ghana.

NB: International organizations who work in the area of cross cultural exchange or volunteer/intern placement and wish to assign volunteers/interns to assist development work in Ghana should either complete the below partner us form or send us an email to patriotsghanaproject@gmail.com and copy team@old.patriotsghana.org to ensure prompt response from any member of our projects team.

Local Non-profit organizations undertaking worthwhile projects in Ghana and therefore genuinely need volunteers to assist on their projects should contact Eric Opoku Agyemang by email at eric@old.patriotsghana.org and copypatriotsghanaproject@gmail.com . Projects would be evaluated and possibly advise provided to ensure that it goes directly to influence the development it is intended to achieve.

You may complete the partner us form below:


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