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Raymond Taaku (Weducate Initiative) Won Patriots Ghana’s MCMD Award 2015

Patriots Ghana after rigorous selection process awarded RAYMOND TAAKU (WEducate Initiative) as the winner for the Patriots Ghana’s My Community My Dream Project (MCMD) for 2015. The Patriots MCMD Award is an initiative of Patriots Ghana to provide small grants to young individuals or groups who are selflessly making little or great impacts in their own communities in Ghana.

Raymond is the first member of his community to have a tertiary education.  Currently pursuing a degree in Nursing at the University of Ghana he is working with another friend from same community using education as a tool to brighten the future of the children in the community.

At one of the training workshop for Patriots Executives at the Saraboff Hotel in Kasoa, Raymond was presented a grant of Two thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS 2000.00)

Below is the full story from Raymond Taaku!


The story behind WEducate initiative

Kpemale is a community of 32 compound houses in the Mion District of the Northern Region of Ghana. Majority of the men are married to two or more wives but do not practice any form of family planning. There are therefore many children of school going age in the community. Unfortunately, there is no school in the community to serve these children. Pupils

Few of them who are grown, endure the hardship of going to the next community to attend school which is about 10 kilometers away from my village.

Back in 2005 while my friend John Mbiyieba and I were going through this, the then catholic priest for Christ the king parish in Gushiegu noticed great potentials in us. He spoke to our parents who consented for us to leave the village to stay with a generous family in Pong-tamale to continue our education at the junior high school level. Throughout our education, we have always excelled. I had admission to the University of Ghana in September 2012 while John had admission to read Medicine at University for Development Studies in 2013, making us the first and only students from Kpemale to enter the University so far.

Looking back, we see wasted dreams of our friends and siblings whom we started with. Perhaps there is a reason why God granted us this narrow escape.  We could have ended up on the farms (Child labour) like our male colleagues or in forced marriages like the females.

Our project started with a focus on getting parents to understand the need to give their children education followed by a collective decision to put up a structure where the children can learn.

We registered only 80 children, leaving out a great number due to space and financial constraints.

They are taught by a volunteer (S H S graduate) and we take the financial burden off parents by providing the children with exercise books, pencils and erasers through our personal sacrifices. class in session - Weducate project

We do not want to limit the initiative to only one community. We want to ensure that our first school is running successfully then we will replicate the same in other nearby communities who face similar challenge.

The initiative also entails a reading project for schools in the surrounding communities to compliment the efforts of teachers in getting pupils to master the English language through conscious reading.

Purpose of the Grant Award

While the 80 children sponsored by the Weducate project has no tables and chairs, the MCMD grant would help Raymond to purchase desk and basic teaching materials and also make little improvement on the already existing temporal learning structure so help improve the learning conditions of these children.


Patriots Ghana has seen great potentials in the efforts of the Weducate project and we appeal to individuals and institutions willing to contribute school supplies, support build a better school structure, volunteer to teach in the school or to assist in any way possible, to contact Patriots Ghana by email at team@patriotsghana.org or Raymond Taaku at raymondtaaku@gmail.com


Do you love to volunteer selflessly to impact other people’s life? Do you have anything you want to donate? Are you interested in becoming a member of Patriots Ghana? Send an email to team@patriotsghana.org .

Patriots Ghana! Developing the nation with passion!

Patriots Ghana! We inspire you to make the change!

Raymond and some Patriots Ghana Executives from various Universities in Ghana excited about his award and the impact he is making.



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