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Volunteer and Interns Projects

Getting Involved with Patriots Ghana’s Projects

One of Patriots Ghana’s primary goals is to promote volunteering through cultural exchange where Ghanaians and Foreign nationals (international volunteers/interns) can take part in Patriots Nationwide volunteer and internship projects to cause development in Ghanaian communities as well as create an opportunity for learning, sharing and developing capacities of volunteers & Interns.

The volunteer projects are open to anyone who is interested in a particular field and willing to contribute towards the aims of Patriots Ghana.

The internship programme is designed for those who are currently attending or have recently graduated university in Ghana or abroad. It is a great opportunity for current students to gain experience in a professional, non-profit environment, and for recent graduates to hone their skills for their career, as well as in the development/non-profit sector.

Volunteer and internships projects are a highly rewarding experience for individuals looking for a network of Ghanaian contacts, as you will be joining a large membership of Patriots Ghana’s local leaders across the country.

Due to the wide network of Patriots, volunteers and interns also have the opportunity to work on projects in different parts of the country to be able to experience the different aspects of a particular project and the different cultures of the country.

We predominantly research and manage projects as a hands-on team, with international interns and volunteers also adding insightful value to the impact that we make in our communities.  Those working with Patriots Ghana gain a wide range of experiences and skills through their exposure to Patriots work in deprived communities and the cultural exchange between Ghanaian and international volunteers.

Should you prefer to join an already established project, we have numerous ongoing projects that are consistently recruiting new members from PG in different regions of Ghana. Due to the ever-growing nature of PG, please feel free to suggest any particular project that you feel your local community may require.

Below are some of the projects that are currently available:


    A placement with Patriots Stop Child Labour & Trafficking Project will involve working directly with children and their families, fishermen and schools to stop rampant child labour and trafficking practices in Ghana. The program aims to educate and raise awareness about children’s rights in the affected areas. Volunteers and interns work with project staff approximately …read more


    As a volunteer in Patriots Ghana teaching program, you will be assigned to one or more local schools where you can use your expertise to improve the education of Ghanaian children. You may choose any age of children, including Kindergarten, primary school, junior high or high school and request specific subjects depending on your knowledge …read more

  • MICRO FINANCE VOLUNTEER/INTERN PROJECTS micro-finance-project-pic-1-150x150

    If you are a student or professional in the field of business, finance and any business related programs with ideas or interest in micro finance you could volunteer on this project. The project works primarily in 2 areas: Assisting women, youth, and citizens in deprived communities, in Agriculture, Arts and small trade to obtain small …read more


    In addition to opportunities in direct healthcare delivery, Patriots Ghana offers positions to work in public health, working towards better access and health awareness in several communities in Ghana. The public health team is involved in several projects, including giving educational talks at local schools on health topics including HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, reproductive health …read more


    If you are a student or professional in healthcare delivery or public health, Patriots has several opportunities for you to contribute your skills or to learn more about health care delivery in a developing country. We provide health volunteering and internship opportunities in partnership with the Ghana Health Service and private health institutions in Ghana. …read more

  • HEALTH SCREENING VOLUNTEER PROJECT free-health-screening-volunteer-1-150x150

    Patriots Ghana organizes free medical health screening at least once every year in deprived rural communities to give equal opportunities to the less privileged and remote communities who are hard to reach in-terms of healthcare services. This project is organized in partnership with local and international organizations that have interest in improving the healthcare in …read more


    Patriots Ghana welcomes volunteers or interns who want to use their skills to improve the operations of the organization. Development interns work on projects such as grant writing, fundraising, micro finance, strengthening the organization’s structure, spearheading new initiatives, website management, human resources, and working to build partnerships with other organizations as well as strengthening the …read more


    Patriots Ghana will also do our best to find internship and volunteering opportunities to anyone who does not see their desired positions on our website. If you would like to pursue an internship in a specific field and do not see it above, please communicate your interests to us and we will gladly assist you …read more

  • SEEDSCIENCE PROJECT Patriots ghana science flyer

    The SeedScience project is developed as an innovative intervention for improving science education in Ghana. Our goal is to put the skills of professional science educators in service of local science teachers in developing countries. The short-term goal consists of showing them a different method of teaching with the aim of engaging 10-18 years old …read more

  • Would you believe me if I told you this was the main source of drinking water for the people of Akufful Krodua? IMG_20181015_104814

    Would you believe me if I told you this was the main source of drinking water for the people of Akuful Krodua? There are two separate mud paths that lead to the watering hole. From a distance the tranquilizing sound of the spring announces its presence beyond the lush greenery that creates a cool atmosphere. …read more