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What is MCMD Project?

It is a project under the Patriots Youth Empowerment Project which is focused on developing the leadership thinking ability and passion for rural community development amongst Ghanaian Youth. Giving the youth between 16-30years an opportunity to apply for a small grant between 1000 – 2000 Ghana Cedis to undertake a dream project towards personal and/or rural community development.

Why rural community development?

Rural communities lack the most basic amenities. Moreover, due extreme under-development in the rural areas of Ghana, most of the youth in the rural areas move to the cities (Accra and Kumasi) to seek for greener pastures which end them up in numerous social vices aside over population and over usage of limited resources within the cities.

Our dream therefore, is to continually provide support and solutions for rural community development needs and to assist the government to speed up rural community development  through job creation, provision of basic social amenities, improving education and health etc which would be a great means to reduce extreme poverty in both the deprived communities and the nation at large.

Why the youth can apply?

The youth are the future leaders and the back bone of this country. The future of our country is dependent on the kind of youth or leaders we develop today. As youth, we have a responsibility to contribute to the growth of our country with all selflessness. To be a selfless leader now and in the future, the youth have to understand the various challenges faced by the nation by being actively involved in volunteering service especially in the deprived rural communities. We also believe that involving the youth in rural community volunteer services does not only grow their passion for development but also help to make them intelligent, develop their leadership and problem solving skills, broadens their knowledge, makes them more confident and additionally prepares them for the job market especially in today’s world where work experience or working skill is extremely important to employers.

Criteria for grant selection

Project selection guide.

Any developmental or innovative projects that seek to solve a problem amongst the youth, provides youth empowerment or seeks to solve a rural community problem would be considered. However, below is just a guide to help you think in the development of your project idea and proposal:

  1. The project should seek to address a problem in a rural community
  2. Community leaders and members should be involved in a participatory manner
  3. Project should be self sustainable and innovative
  4. The funds cannot be used to pay staff salary but should go directly towards the projects implementation
  5. The project should not be gender discriminatory
  6. Project should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic  and Time-bound)
  7. The funds could be applied to complete an ongoing community project.
  8. Project should be completed within 3-4months.
  9. Project should cost between 1000 – 2000 Ghana Cedis


We encourage individuals and groups to apply. And the applicants should meet any of the below criteria to qualify for the grant:

  1. Individual applicants should be a member of Patriots Ghana in any of our University Chapters or a member of an organisation that has an affiliation with Patriots Ghana.
  2. If the applicant does not meet above, he/she can contact any of the Patriots Ghana University chapters and collaborate with them for this project to ensure project monitoring and effective background check of the applicant(s).
  3. The Lead applicant should have a previous volunteer experience with any organisation such as clubs, NGOs, Campus organisations etc
  4. Applicant(s) should be a Ghanaian between the ages of 16years and 30years.
  5. Groups are encouraged to apply
  6. Applicants must provide 2 references during their application


  1. The lead applicant or group should submit a letter of interest (LOI) not more than 2 pages. (The LOI should contain summary of project idea and outcome, estimated budget, location of project and duration)
  2. The lead applicant should include his/her CV with at least 2 references when submitting a letter of interest.


Submit Letter of Interest (LOI) to team@old.patriotsghana.org  by  April 30, 2015 before 11:30pm GMT

Selected Applicants would be notified by May 15, 2015.

Selected applicants for the first phase of the project would have to submit detailed project proposal and budget to team@old.patriotsghana.org by 31st May, 2015.

NB: Feel free to contact us by email if you need more details concerning the above selection criteria.


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