• NO 369/ 1 Shaributu Road Walantu Kasoa, Central Region Ghana
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About Us

Patriots Ghana is a registered non-profit non-governmental organisation that serves to develop, encourage and empower Ghanaian citizens and organisations to undertake community services geared towards national development. Patriots Ghana also networks and collaborates with organizations working in the fields of Health, Education, Human Rights, Research and Advocacy, Cross Cultural Exchange and Economic Development, to help achieve meaningful development in deprived Ghanaian communities.

Patriots Ghana also networks and collaborates with organizations working in different fields of development and human rights to help achieve meaningful development in deprived Ghanaian communities. We have a particular focus on the areas of Health, Education, Youth, and Economic Development, although are always open to other areas of interest from potential partner organizations.


Patriots Ghana believes that youth is the backbone of every nation and therefore should be a prioritised asset of Ghana. We believe that the leaders of today have a responsibility to develop youth to replace them in their old age, so that Ghana can have future generations that can uphold the image and values of the country. Additionally, Patriots Ghana’s cultural exchange and networking with other organizations can help create a pool of combined resources that, we together, can help achieve meaningful results in specific areas of development.


  • To bring together all passionate, selfless and patriotic Ghanaian citizens and to use our combined knowledge, skills, ideas and other resources to support needed development activities in the various Ghanaian communities with focused interest in Education, Health, Human Rights and Economic development.
  • To create a platform and a link between existing patriotic leaders and the patriotic youth to mentor and share ideas that would develop the youth to learn and gain development experiences and passion for nation building
  • To prepare, develop and support the Ghanaian youth to create jobs through Youth Empowerment and support projects towards self-development and sustainable living to help minimize international migration amongst the Ghanaian youth caused by poverty and mindset.
  • To promote national development through international cultural exchange programmes
  • To mobilize and manage resources for and on behalf of donor agencies


Patriots Ghana is committed to:

1. Transparency – Acting with integrity.
2. Respect – For all living beings irrespective of background
3. Education – A basic human right.
4. Empowerment – Both social and economic.
5. Collaboration – Fostering relationships with individuals, communities and organizations.
6. Non-discrimination
7. Non-partisan
8. Social Justice
9. Gender Equity
10. Accountability


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